Welcome to CHAT Studio Creative   Healing   As   Therapy   (CHAT)   offers   a   range   of      complimentary   treatments   and   interventions   that   are   focused   on nurturing   greater   connections   to   oneself   and   others   through   yoga   and   the   creative   process;   to   reconnect,   heal   and   transform lives. CHAT   Studio   is   a   therapeutic   space   for   people   wishing   to   explore   our   different   range   of   services,   designed   to   be   a   sanctuary   and place   of   calm   that   allows   people   to   feel   safe   and   nurtured,   whatever   they   are   coming   to   chat   studio   for.   The   studio   offers   a   cosy, comfortable and peaceful space where great things can happen.
“We can never obtain peace in the outer world until we make peace with ourselves” Dalai Lama
About Jodi Battison MA, BA (Hons) HCPC and BAAT Registered Jodi   is   a   qualified   Art   Psychotherapist   and   yoga   teacher.   She   has   20   years   of   experience   working   with   mental   health   and   has been   working   in   CAMHS   (Child   and   Adolescent   Mental   Health   Service)   for   the   last   10   years.   Prior   to   this   Jodi   worked   within the   private   education   and   care   system   for   children   with   neurodevelopmental   disorders   and   has   experience   working   with   adults in the NHS. Jodi   currently   specialises   in   working   with   children   experiencing   attachment   difficulties   and   complex   developmental   trauma, engaging   children   through   art   to   help   process   previous   experiences.   It   was   through   working   with   children   who   have   been exposed   to   trauma   that   Jodi   decided   she   wanted   to   bring   the   benefits   of   yoga   practice   into   her   therapeutic   approach.   She decided   to   take   her   yoga   practice   to   the   next   level   and   completed   200   hours   yoga   teacher   training   with   Zenways.   Following   this Jodi   completed   a   further   20hours   in   Trauma-sensitive   yoga   (TCTSY)   to   work   specifically   with   people   exposed   to   trauma through yoga. Qualifications: •  Masters degree in Art Therapy •  BA (Hons) degree in Illustration •  200 hours yoga teacher training •  Dyadic Developmental Psychotherapy (DDP) Dan Highes training, level one (to work with foster carers and adoptive parents) •  Children’s Accelerated Trauma Therapy (CATT) •  80 hours Cognitive Behaviour Therapy skills training (CBT) •  20 hours Trauma-sensitive yoga (TCTSY) Memberships: Jodi is a member of the HCPC (Health and Care Professions Council) Member of BAAT (British Association of Art Therapists) Member of Yoga Alliance Jodi   is   passionate   about   the   work   she   does   with   young   people   and   adults.   She   wholeheartedly   believes   that   creative   expression and    humanistic    practices    (such    as    yoga)    encourage    and    support    a    person    to    connect    with    them    selves,    others    and    their environment   to   form   genuine,   meaningful   relationships.   Seeing   people   thrive   and   overcome   previous   difficulties   to   reach   their full potential is what motivates Jodi to want to reach out and engage with more people.
Contact 07393 943918 Jodi Battison Art Psychotherapist (MA), Illustrator (BA Hons) and Yoga Teacher