Art Therapy: I   recognise   people   come   to   therapy   for   lots   of   different   reasons   and   we   all   have   individual   needs.   I   take   a   holistic   approach   to the treatment I provide and therapy is tailored to the individual based on their presenting issues. I   have   20   years   experience   working   with   children   and   adults   in   the   NHS   and   CAMHS   supporting   individuals   with   a   range   of issues and mental health difficulties such as: Anxiety Autism and Aspergers ADHD Attachment difficulties Complex PTSD (trauma/abuse) Depression and low mood Disordered eating Loss/bereavement Mood dysregulation OCD Self-injurious behaviour Substance/alcohol misuse What to expect: I offer a friendly and professional service. Therapy sessions last 50 minutes and are offered on a weekly or fortnightly basis. There   will   be   an   initial   consultation   to   discuss   the   reasons   for   coming   to   therapy   and   decide   the   way   forward   together.   This   is offered   at   a   reduced   rate   to   enable   clients   to   decide   if   therapy   is   the   way   forward   for   them.   All   images   created   in   the   sessions   are held securely by me until therapy come to an end.  Price Guide: Individual therapy £60 per session Reduced rates are available, please enquire Cancellations   must   be   provided   with   24hours   notice.   It   is   the   responsibility   of   the   client   to   ensure   adequate   notice   is   given   and cancellations with less than 24hours notice will need to be payed in full. * Please note: - It   may   not   always   be   appropriate   to   take   on   treatment   with   someone.   In   this   situation   I   will   be   honest   and   open,   giving advise on the best route for treatment in my opinion. - Children may also require treatment that includes those involved in their care, in addition to individual therapy. TO BOOK AN APPOINTMENT SIMPLY CALL: 07393 943918
Owning our story and loving ourselves through that process is the bravest thing that we will ever do’ Brene Brown
Contact 07393 943918 Jodi Battison Art Psychotherapist (MA), Illustrator (BA Hons) and Yoga Teacher
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