‘Namaste’ ‘My   soul   honours   your   soul.   I   honour   the   place   in   you   where   the   entire   universe   resides.   I   honour   the   light,   love,   truth,   beauty and peace within you, because it is also within me. In sharing these things we are united, we are the same. We are one.’
Yoga There   are   many   different   practices   of   yoga   a   person   can   choose   to   explore   and   hopefully   find   one   that   suits   them   however,   the fundamental teachings within all yoga practice are the same: to find peace with oneself, others and the world in which we live. Yoga   is   an   ancient   practice   that   enhances   our   health   and   wellbeing.   Studies   show   that   Yoga   is   not   only   good   for   all   of   the   usual health   benefits,   it   has   additional   benefits   that   support   an   individual’s   mental   health   and   well   being,   including   interpersonal relationships and a sense of connectedness to oneself, others and the world around us. Through   the   union   of   movement   with   breath,   yoga   increases   our   capacity   to   experience   feelings   within   our   own   body   and   in doing   so   increases   our   capacity   to   relate   empathically   to   others.   By   focusing   on   the   breath   and   mindful   practice   within   yoga, individuals   are   encouraged   to   be   ‘present’   during   their   practice,   whilst   focusing   on   controlling   their   breath   to   help   them   deepen practice and achieve a state of ‘inner peace and harmony.’ Meditation   and   mindful   practice   in   yoga   has   been   shown   to   create   an   approach   of   orientation   for   individuals,   helping   them   to stop   avoiding   previous   painful   experiences   and   manage   stressful   situations   that   may   arise   in   the   present.   When   all   of   these aspects   are   integrated   in   the   person   as   a   ‘whole’   they   become   part   everyday   functioning.   Through   the   practice   of   yoga,   an individual naturally becomes more authentically in-tune with themselves and their environment.
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